Which hosting should I use?

When it comes to Web Hosting there are a number of factors to consider

For example, I want hosting that is:

  • affordable
  • reliable
  • dependable
  • fast (no waiting for pages to load!)
  • security optimised/locked down
  • proactive
  • 24 x 7 support
  • fast, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly & helpful support staff (excellent support!)

Because I am a higher-level user, I also have some specific technology requirements:

  1. Must use SSD’s on the servers (Fast Hard Disk Drives)
  2. Http/2 enabled on the server (New protocol for fast website data transfer – replaces HTTP 1.1 which was created in 1999!)
  3. Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate integration and auto renewals ( Free SSL Certificates for https on your domain)
  4. IonCube Loader (required by some premium plugins I use)

I evaluated a number of hosting companies, and eventually I found one I was happy with: SiteGround.com   (Two weeks of research!  Phew!)

I’ve been using them since April 2016 and been recommending them to my clients since August 2016. My clients are generally not technical. They rely on experts, such as myself, to guide and advise them. When I recommend a product or service to them, I need to know it will just “work”. I need to know it will not cause any issues.  I don’t want phone calls from unhappy clients.  I have previously spent many hours of wasted time on the phone or online chat to Web Hosting Support Personnel when my clients were not using SiteGround. I got sick of useless, clueless so-called “support” engineers who didn’t know the difference between DNS and DHCP, and who if you told them the “A” record needed to be updated had no idea how to edit the zone file. (Fortunately with SiteGround I have cPanel access so I can make the edits myself!). It got to the point where I couldn’t tolerate dealing with these ill-trained morons any more.

You can imagine my delight when I’ve been able to get SiteGround’s support staff to do complex database changes and website migrations by simply asking! What a refreshing relief! These guys actually know what they are doing, and do it very well! 🙂

It’s wonderful when other reviewers do very thorough tests and recommend SiteGround.com too. Over the last three months, there have been three different reviews (that I know about! lol!) that have recommended SiteGround as one of their three “Top Tier” Hosts.

In September Review Signal published this:

Also WP Dev Shed recommend Site Ground as one of their top recommendations (along with Inmotion and A2): http://wpdevshed.com/wordpress-hosting/ They claim to have done a very through test of 10 WordPress hosting providers to come to this result. Here is the link to the test results: http://wpdevshed.com/wordpress-hosting/#wordpress-hosting-reviews

Finally Pranjal Gupta at Blogosense had very good things to say about SiteGround. You can read his review here:

Frankly I have no hesitation in recommending them to you for your website hosting. It’s affordable and totally excellent – I can’t believe you pay so little and get such great service and fast servers! I’m a big fan (in case you haven’t noticed!)

I’ve compared them to providers such as Kinsta who’s cheapest plan is $100 USD per month (See: https://kinsta.com/pricing/), Pagely https://pagely.com/plans-pricing/ who’s cheapest plan is $99 USD per month for 5 sites. Whilst both Pagely and Kinsta provide fantastic WordPress hosting (with http/2), however due to their services being so expensive I can’t recommend them to you.  SiteGround.com is affordable, it’s less than $4 AUD per month for their cheapest plan  (or $7.95 p/m for their multi-site plan) and that’s AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS!

When you sign up with them, they automatically give you a referral link, which means, if you recommend them to anyone else, and that person signs up through your referral link, you get 3 months free hosting.

If you do decide to go with them, you most likely will be VERY happy and recommend them to others.  It’s great when we can recommend something good, reliable, fast and great value.


I hope that you won’t mind that I’ve put my affiliate link in this page.  Let me assure you that I am not swayed or influenced at all by them offering affiliate commissions or free hosting for referrals.  I’m only recommending them because:

a)   I use them myself

b)   I’m delighted with the services and support

c)    I’m more happy with them than with any other hosting company I’ve ever dealt with.   Stuff simply WORKS!  And if you ever need help, they’ve got your back!

If you are in Australia, please select the Singapore Data Centre for your website.  (I’m hosting in the US, but I have other sites in my plan and I want them fast for US customers.)

Let me know how you get on with SiteGround.  (If you move from HostGator or GoDaddy, you won’t believe the difference.  It’s just so much faster and much higher quality.)